"Before working with Bruce, I was plagued by symptoms of PTSD that interfered with my ability to sleep peacefully. The dreams I suffered terrorized not only myself, but also the people in the house sleeping nearby. I was defenseless against the dreams that caused me to scream and cry throughout the night. Ultimately, I found myself sleeping outside, away from others so as not to interfere with their ability to sleep undisturbed.

Relief was immediate following my very first session with Bruce. I could not explain how or why, but I can describe the freedom and release I have felt having enjoyed my first nights of sleep that were long, deep and absent all symptoms of their previous horror. I consider the work Bruce does as nothing less than life-restoring and a generous gift of hope." -L.C. 



"Bruce Benjamin has been an asset to patients who suffer from PTSD and Attention Deficit. Having his services in our community has helped compliment our treatment of many difficult patients."

Dr. Daniel Beilin, OMD, L.Ac.
Holistic Neurology & Integrative Medicine
Aptos, CA


"Bruce Benjamin's work has had a deep and lasting impact on my physical and emotional health. Our sessions are allowing me to achieve rapid personal integration and wellness. I highly recommend his services without reservation."

Karl Maret, MD
Aptos, CA


"Repeated traumas in life left me reacting fearfully, rather than responding thoughtfully. After one session with Bruce, I see a huge difference in the way that I interact in the world. I'm free to choose, instead of being stuck in old patterns. I've known Bruce for over 10 years, and I recommend him without reservat1ion. He is a trustworthy and skilled technician." -Julie Allen


"Bruce saved my son, literally. I thank God for his commitment to helping people who are lost and struggling with drugs and alcohol. I've known Bruce since 1972, but we lost track of each other for many years in the course of pursuing career and family goals. It was 4th of July in 2002, when I ran into him unexpectedly (after 20 years!) and at a time when my son was seriously self destructing. He was in jail and about to be convicted of stealing a car while intoxicated. This was just one of many times he was arrested, addiction was at the root of the problem. This time he was facing a prison sentence. I was desperate to find help for him.

Bruce stepped in and assisted me in finding a treatment program for my son, he contacted the court to provide information to the judge before he passed sentence. I knew that my son did not need to be in prison, he needed help. Miraculously the judge followed Bruce's recommendation and allowed my son to be treated in a program in Santa Cruz. We left the courtroom that day and drove immediately from San Diego to Santa Cruz to meet Bruce. Upon our arrival, Bruce did an RET treatment and began a counseling/mentor relationship with my son that is nothing short of a miracle. He gave him tools to use everyday as part of his recovery. He challenged him to think before acting and to trust his higher power, he taught him how to live. Bruce has a powerful gift, he's an amazing healer. We are so blessed to have him step into our lives when he did.

I'm happy to say my son has been free of drugs and alcohol for 5 years now, he's in a healthy relationship and is the father of a beautiful 2yr old boy, my first grandchild. He works hard and takes good care of his family. It\'s an amazing transformation.

All this is could not have happened without Bruce's help and guidance. My son still calls him for his counsel, his wisdom and perspective.

Thank you Bruce, words fail me in expressing how grateful I am for all that you've done for my family." –Karen P.


"I’m a skeptic when it comes to any kind of unusual therapy, but I got a direct recommendation to Rapid Eye Therapy (RET) from the medical clinic where I was being treated. I was having terrible dreams, walking in my sleep, punching and running into walls. My face was bruised & cut up and I’d nearly broken my right hand.

First the doctor prescribed an anti-seizure medication and it worked somewhat but there were uncomfortable side effects. I asked the doctor if I’d have to be on this stuff forever, and she said the only other solution would be to get at the root cause of the trauma that caused my sleeping problems. She suggested Rapid Eye Technology as a means of getting long-term results. I’d never even heard of it before, but found a practitioner close by.

I was a little nervous, but Bruce turned out to be a friendly, engaging guy with a well- developed sense of humor and incredible listening skills. I felt so at ease that I found myself talking not only about the sleep disorder but a whole lot of other issues that I’d struggled with. It’s hard to describe exactly what he does, but he offers insights and suggests possibilities without passing judgment.

After the first session I felt really relaxed and had a peaceful night, but I wasn’t thoroughly convinced that the RET was the reason I was able to sleep. After all, I hadn’t been having the problem every night anyway and the medication I’d been taking probably had residual effects for a day or two.

I stayed off the meds for a week, had a couple of rough nights, then I went back for another session. Afterward, I felt relatively stress free but mentally energized. That night I slept well with no incidents and the same for the next couple of nights. Then I went back for another session and that night I had the best night’s sleep in ten years. I’ve gone off the meds and continue to sleep soundly. Since then I’ve been doing one session a week, and though I do still dream, they’re pleasant for the most part and there’s been no more sleepwalking or nocturnal violence.

I’ve also gotten to know Bruce and learned about not only the Rapid Eye Technology and other alternative and spiritual healing methods, none of which involve the use of any medication. Ironically, what began as a literal 'nightmare' has become an opportunity to improve and enrich my very quality of life." -John M


 "As a survivor of violent crime, I had developed the victim’s habit of looking over my shoulder when walking alone. Over 20 years of therapy and bodywork did not erase this deep-seated tension. I could forgive the perpetrator, but not let go of the habit. I just wanted this piece out of my brain!

About 8 months ago Bruce took me through one hour of RET with that intention and I am no longer afraid of what’s behind me. I am a lot less panicky in general.

Bruce’s skills and empathy allowed him to imagine the ways that my fear sounded inside my mind, and as he verbalized these possible thoughts I was made aware of them and released them.

Bruce has a unique gift of compassion and authentic communication. He put me at ease and honestly helped me face myself. He’s traveled so far on the healing path himself that I trusted he could help me along.

There is a shortage of therapies for deep tensions and I feel that RET is an amazing tool with a wide spectrum of possible uses. I encourage anyone serious about growing past limitations to try it."

-Hilary Tayeb, NCTMB
(Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork)
Owner, Corrective Bodywork
Felton, CA


"I first had an RET session with Bruce about a month before this writing. I didn’t go to him with a specific issue in mind…my intent was to check out the treatment modality first hand. The work atmosphere that Bruce creates is so safe and supportive that when asked, I shared two of the most embarrassing, long term issues around which I am most vulnerable: my weight and my awkwardness around my first husband who has recently become a part of my community of friends. Both are symptomatic of core, complex issues, so imagine my surprise when I blurted them out to Bruce.

We began the session with my intention to let go of feelings that have prevented me from losing weight and from being able to graciously integrate my ex into my current life. Both have caused me pain and both are of utmost importance to me.

The treatment was unusual, fast paced and intense though I have quite a bit of previous experience with energy work. At one point in the session I began to laugh partly at the absurdity of the past rage and sorrow that I encountered during the session and that had become part of my makeup; partly from pure joy in the wake of releasing old, negative feelings.

I am struck by the sense of trust I felt in Bruce’s presence and the honesty that his questions elicited from me. The sensory experience was overwhelming and pleasurable and a bit mysterious. On one hand it provided me with a powerful ritual for letting go of feelings too complicated and burdensome to hold. On the other hand the treatment worked on a deeper level, one that is clearly beyond my cognitive understanding. I love how fast and direct the work is and how quickly I was able to get down to business. I left that first session energized and hopeful.

With regard to the issues I brought to the session, I’ve experienced a month of willingness and newly developed courage to move out of my comfort zone in both areas and have made numerous positive changes. I’ve started hiking regularly—pushing myself harder than I have in years—and made positive changes in my eating habits. I’ve been able to initiate honest conversation with my ex as well as moving forward with him in a friendship that isn’t defined by our past trauma and distrust. This is after one session with Bruce! I am anxious to go for another treatment to recharge and to reinforce my resolve to heal and improve my life." -
M. Dorenzo


"I received an RET series from Bruce Benjamin at a very heavy feeling time in my life, a little over a year ago. Looking back over this year now I can state with certainty that the RET helped me to release things that I had been stuck on and that were keeping me in a place I did not want to be. I had been seeking some type of change in my life for years, yet the difference between before the RET and after are significant beyond any other change before. Significant, and what seems to be permanent, at least to date. I feel lighter, more relaxed, and more and more centered on a daily basis." - Chris Cobb



"What an AWESOME experience! Having RET with Bruce was more than I could have hoped for. I can finally say that my healing has begun! I am where I am supposed to be and I am moving in the direction that I need to go! Thank you Bruce!" -Melanie



"Receiving RET sessions from Bruce has been one of the most profound healing experiences of my life. Severe health problems that didn't respond to any physical treatment (Western or Eastern medicine) led me to RET. Through RET, I have been able to access and release emotional and energetic material that was so deep I didn't even know it was there! It has been such a relief to get to the source of some of my deepest discomfort.

I had always been skeptical of the idea that physical problems could have emotional roots, but I feel better and better after every session. Though my health was my original motivation, I've also experienced shifts in some deeply ingrained and limiting emotional patterns. I appreciate the fact that no matter what is going on with me, I consistently get immediate relief with RET.

As a certified hypnotherapist, I have a lot of experience with trance states. Contrary to some myths, trance is a safe and effective means of accessing deeper parts of ourselves while still maintaining control and awareness of our surroundings. I find RET to be more powerful and effortless in regard to the trance state than anything else I have tried. I sometimes experience past life memories during the sessions that tie into my current struggles. I feel like I'm releasing a HUGE burden with this work. It's been so deep, powerful, healing and comforting to me that I tell everyone about it who is suffering. I really don't think there's anything else like it.

I am so happy to have Bruce for a RETech. He is an amazing facilitator of this work and has an uncanny ability to know exactly what needs to be said or done to get to the root of an issue. He has a huge heart, is non-judgmental and a great listener. He just has a way of putting people at ease and I feel completely safe as his client." -Marie


I have known Bruce Benjamin for many years and like him very much. Knowing his past and how he struggled to get to the other side is a triumph of will and endurance, which I admire greatly. In the last couple of years, even though I am older by a number of years than Bruce, he has provided me with wise counsel and treatments that have helped me deal with a number of my own personal problems. He knows what he is talking about, because he has been there himself. Intuition is one of Bruce’s greatest gifts. He has a musical and artistic background and this aspect of his personality really sets him apart from other practitioners.
-Chris Darrow


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